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We need your support for a CT & MRI in a Freestanding Imaging Center

In May 2019, Augusta Health approved its strategic plan which included various initiatives to improve access to health care services in our region. As a part of this plan, Augusta Health intends to establish a freestanding imaging center on its hospital campus to provide outpatient diagnostic services at a lower cost with convenient access.

Augusta Health has had consistent growth in diagnostic imaging services and we expect the need for these services to continue growing. The freestanding imaging center is proposed to have the latest technology including a 3.0T MRI and 128 CT scanner which will advance the specialized imaging options available in our region. By bringing these services to our community in a freestanding imaging center, we are promoting the continuity of care for local residents and ensuring they do not have to travel from our community in order to obtain lower cost diagnostic services.

In order to achieve this goal, Augusta Health is asking for your support! We hope you will consider signing this petition so that Augusta Health can have an additional MRI and CT scanner in the new center and urge the Virginia Department of Health to approve the Augusta Health application. Also, as members of the community, letters of support from community members are also a powerful gesture showing support and endorsing projects. Augusta Health encourages you to submit a letter of support as well. You find can an example for such a letter of support on the Augusta Health website.

We look forward to your support of this vital project which will expand the diagnostic services available in our community and promote the continuity of care for our patients.

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Letters of support from community members are a powerful gesture to show advocacy and endorsement for projects. We encourage you to submit a letter of support to endorse Augusta Health's request for 1 CT and 1 MRI.

Reasons for signing

Mark LaRosa — 04/28/2020

I'm support this because Augusta Health is a National Model for community based healthcare, and their proposed imaging center will enhance access to services in the region.

Alexandra Boyer — 04/22/2020

We need Augusta Health, and Augusta Health needs our support!

Andrew Ventura — 04/22/2020

This makes a lot of sense. We have a need for not only more imaging but more technically complex imaging, and this brings both at a lower cost to community expenses. Increasing capacity and quality of these diagnostics will reduce wait times for care, and reduce unnecessary driving time for patients, which is good for the environment and their pocketbooks!

Anthony Helmick — 04/22/2020

This would be a great addition to Augusta County.

Deborah painter — 04/22/2020

I think this would be a huge addition to our community.

Julie Plumbley — 04/22/2020

Augusta Health having its own freestanding imaging center with allow imaging at lower cost for our community without the risk of other profit-driven imaging providers "cherry picking" imaging in our service area. Having it's own freestanding imaging center helps preserve AH's ability to appropriately allocate revenue to support areas of health care that our community needs but which non-community-based entities may not be interested in providing.

Nelly Maybee — 04/21/2020

I am a physician at Augusta Health and want to support the hospital, one of the last independent hospitals in Virginia- taking care of its community

Jessica Pittman — 04/21/2020

Great addition to AH

Vicki Alley — 04/21/2020

I know these are important machines to have for patient care!

Myrinda Zerrlaut — 04/21/2020

I'm an Augusta County resident and this would greatly help our community.

Angela Kirtley — 04/21/2020

As someone who is a kidney cancer survivor and has to get a CT Scan every 6 months, this would be wonderful for our community and help out in the cost of what my insurance doesn’t cover!

Venessa Peters — 04/21/2020

We need this for our community.

Anne Batman — 04/20/2020

This would be a great addition for our community....providing access to affordable imaging.

Harry Baldwin — 04/20/2020

This is a critical service. There isn’t enough capacity currently. Also, Virginia is retarded and requires CON’s - the government decides if you really need one.

Patti Boyd — 04/20/2020

I have no insurance this would be great

Ann Riddle — 04/20/2020

I believe it's a great idea

Shirley Fauber — 04/18/2020

It just makes sense.

Angela Swanson-Lesniak — 04/18/2020

This would be amazing for the community. Providing residents with more local, less expensive healthcare/imaging would be a game changer and so many would benefit from it.

Bobbie Cash — 04/18/2020

This would be a great addition to our community

Deana Tipler — 04/18/2020

This would be so helpful to many in our community.

Sarah Wright — 04/18/2020

A free standing imaging center would be a valuable asset to the campus, allowing outpatient services in a more convenient location, and not need to go into the hospital proper.

Joey Mooneyham — 04/18/2020

This benefits the community greater access to care at a lower price!

Cindy Roberson — 04/18/2020

I’m signing because I feel this is a necessary part of healthcare for our community.

Julie Woods — 04/18/2020

This has the ability to change ppls lives

J. S. Sayre — 04/18/2020

Would be a blessing to our community

Keri Jones — 04/18/2020

I support putting the patient first

Bobby McLain — 04/18/2020

We need to do this before a outside business does it and takes away that opportunity for our independent hospital to grow

Pat Buchanan — 04/17/2020

I think this will be a great addition to the community

Leslie Anderson — 04/17/2020

The community needs diversity, this is an opportunity for Augusta health to grow.and provide ancillary services outside of the hospital.

Helen Swats — 04/17/2020

We need this for our community