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Recovery Choice Substance Abuse Services

Recovery Choice helps persons with substance abuse problems become free of dependence on mood altering drugs, including alcohol, addictive prescription drugs, and street drugs.

This program is amazing. Sometimes tough love is what a person needs, being in the group setting. Coming to terms with honesty, open mindedness, and willingness is easier with people around you who understand and are like you. The trust you learn to have is an essential part of recovery.

Recovery Choice graduate

A woman speaking in a group therapy session

We have a seasoned and compassionate treatment team that works with the "whole person" to achieve recovery. We assist in addressing associated issues, including employment, legal, and relationship complications. We are also experienced in treating those with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to provide you with the support and recovery tools you need to achieve and sustain sobriety.

  • Confidential and assessment and individualized treatment plan
  • Referrals for medication assessment and management, when indicated
  • Referral to a higher level of care, when indicated
  • Individual counseling
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Intensive Outpatient Program with Aftercare planning

We are here to help! Please call us if you or someone you care about is experiencing any type of problem related to substance abuse. (540) 213-2525

Referral & Assessment

Referrals may be made by anyone: family members, court systems, employers, medical professionals, and others. However, the individual with the problem needs to make the call for an assessment. This can be with the aid of a caring person.

We are flexible in our approach and try to match our services to your needs. If we don't have the services you need, we'll help you find someone who does.

Treatment Goals

  • Establishing abstinence from alcohol and addictive drugs
  • Understanding the addiction and recovery process
  • Developing a recovery support system
  • Learning coping skills to maintain sobriety

Did you know?

  • Medicaid covers the recovery Choice Intensive Outpatient Program.
  • Augusta Health Financial Assistance, as well as Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial insurances cover our services.

We also offer the following services:

  • Substance abuse assessments to determine the nature of the disorder, possible co-occurring mental health disorders, and the most appropriate level of care
  • When indicated, referral for medical or social detoxification at other treatment facilities
  • Individual counseling when that is the most appropriate treatment modality
  • Individualized family support and education
  • Substance Abuse education programming for either adolescents or adults
  • Referral for psychiatric care when medications are potentially needed to assist in recovery
  • Referral to 12-Step recovery groups: AA, NA, Al-Anon and others- with the assistance of recovering volunteer staff