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Media Visit Policy

Policy for Media Visits to the Augusta Health Campus

Revised: November 2008

Purpose: To ensure patient privacy and security

  1. The Communications & Public Relations Director, the VP Planning, Development and Marketing or the Administrator on call will be required to accompany all reporters, video crews and photographers while visiting the facility for any reason. If a reporter or photographer appears within the hospital to attempt to obtain information or to interview a patient or for any other reason without making an appointment or contacting the media and communications department, the individual(s) will be escorted from the premises by hospital security.
  2. Patients who agree to be interviewed or filmed on campus at Augusta Health must provide prior written consent to the Media and Communications Department. You can obtain a copy of the consent on the web portal. A copy should be given to the Communications department to be kept on file. Remember to put the date and event on the consent.
  3. Requests for information, photographs or interviews regarding the hospital and/or its services should be referred to Lisa Schwenk, Director of Communications & Public Relations at 245-7329, Kathleen Heatwole, VP Planning, Development and Marketing at 332-4804, or the Administrator on call if after normal business hours.

If you have a specific question about this policy, please contact the Communications & Public Relations Department at (540) 245-7329.

Media Contact

Lisa Schwenk
Director of Communications & Public Relations
lschwenk [at]
(540) 245-7329