COVID-19: Get the latest information, visitor restrictions, and service changes

COVID-19 Update: Call Center, PPE, Elective Surgeries, and more

Monday, March 23, 2020

We are urging the community to stay home.

This is the most important way for us to help ensure we will have the beds, ventilators, masks, tests, and supplies necessary to meet the needs of our valued community. This is a real and direct way people can contribute and help reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our community.

Be sure to read our blog—Why Do We Social Distance?

Call Center Update

190 calls have been received through Sunday evening.

Of those calls:

  • 97% did not feel they had a medical emergency, but majority (70%) reported symptoms – mainly cough
  • 50% were of community members seeking information
  • 41% needed screening
  • 7.5% believed they had been exposed by proximity
  • 74% had not traveled to an area with community spread
  • About one-fourth (23.5%) required referral to the Assessment Center for screening

Call the Augusta Health COVID Care Call Center to discuss your concerns with a nurse: (540) 332-5122. Available seven days a week from 8am – 4:30pm.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Update

Today, Augusta Health has sufficient supplies of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); however, this could change quickly based on the incident of COVID-19 within the community, which will increase.

The Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro communities have joined together offering help to provide additional supplies.

Augusta Health would appreciate these donations:

  • Masks – N95, dust masks, medical face masks and surgical masks, as well as those handmade by our community. A face mask pattern may be found here:
  • Hand sanitizer – Ecolab Nourishing Foam is preferred, but other brands/types appreciated
  • Hand soap – Scott Antimicrobial Foam Skin Cleanser is preferred, but other brands/types appreciated
  • Disposable gloves – non-latex.

Please call or email the Augusta Health Foundation BEFORE coming to Augusta Health if you or your business have these supplies on hand and are willing to donate them to support Augusta Health. The Foundation's Office can be reached at: (540) 332-5174 or ahfoundation [at] Thank you!

Testing and Results Update

We have tested more than 50 patients recently and all results have been negative. That is, 0 positive results.

Due to the locations of commercial labs, test results have been averaging 4 to 5 days. We are actively engaged in discussions with labs that can accommodate a 24-48 hour turn around. Capabilities of labs are changing rapidly.

Elective Surgeries Update

Augusta Health is, and has been, in compliance with all CMS guidance for elective and non-essential surgeries. As a result, we are:

  • Limiting all non-essential adult elective surgery and medical/surgical procedures, including all dental procedures.
  • All non-urgent screenings are being rescheduled to May.
  • Radiologic specialty procedures are also limited.

Surge Capacity Update

Our Emergency Surge Capacity is modeled to the CDC Guidelines. These guidelines change daily and are dependent on the number of cases in your immediate community. In our current situation:

  • We do have a CDC-compliant Surge Plan in place.
  • We are in a lower tier of community cases.
  • We are actively testing our surge plans.

Food Delivery Updates

Both the CDC and FDA have said there is no evidence at this time that the virus can be transmitted via food. Local restaurants are all certified by the Health Department. Recommendations include:

  • All packaging be sanitized and thrown out as soon as possible
  • Consumers wash their hands before and after eating