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COVID-19 Update: Don't be Afraid to Come to the ED

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The most important priority for our community is to stay home!

The Peak Resource Day for Virginia was April 20. That was last week. Having passed Peak Resource Day does not mean that COVID-19 has left the community.

Please continue to Social Distance to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases in our community. Flattening the curve is the best way to help ensure that Augusta Health will have the beds, ventilators, masks, tests, and supplies we may need. Now is not the time to stop social distancing!

As a community, we have taken many necessary steps to create social distancing---schools are closed, non-essential services are closed and Governor Northam has issued a Stay-at-Home Order. Thank you for the part you have played in flattening the curve.

For more information, visit:

If you have concerns about COVID-19 symptoms or exposure:

Please call our COVID Care Call Center at (540) 332-5122. We have a team of nurses answering the calls seven days a week between 8 am and 4:30 pm.

Augusta Health's COVID-19 Assessment Center is located at the Waynesboro Urgent Care at 201 Lew Dewitt Boulevard in Waynesboro. At the Assessment Center, patients can be evaluated, treated and educated about respiratory illness and tested for COVID if needed. Availability of tests is improving.

The COVID Care Call Center and COVID-19 Assessment Center work together to see patients effectively while reducing possible exposure of others to COVID-19.

Don't be Afraid to Come to the ED: Seeking Care during COVID-19

"Nationally, Emergency Departments are seeing much lower volumes," says Adam Rochman, MD, Medical Director of Augusta Health's Emergency Department, "and our experience here at Augusta Health aligns with the rest of the country. It's understandable. We've asked folks to stay home, and they are following that advice. They are fearful that if they do come to the Emergency Department, they'll contract COVID-19. There are many reasons, though, why you should not be afraid to come to the Emergency Department and should seek care when you need it."

First, medical emergencies persist even during COVID-19. Second, delays in emergency treatment lead to poorer outcomes. And finally, Augusta Health has taken precautions to ensure the ED is a safe place for all to be treated.

Learn the 10 ways Augusta Health is keeping you safe in the ED:

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