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COVID-19 Update: Test Result Delays

Friday, August 14, 2020

Along with many other hospitals in the Country, Augusta Health is experiencing delays in receiving COVID-19 test results from its national reference laboratories. Outpatients should expect it to take a week or longer to receive results; patients waiting for results should quarantine according to the guidelines provided by their provider. Due to increased testing required in multiple states, this has resulted in demand for COVID-19 testing which has surpassed the ability of many public and private labs to respond expediently. Augusta Health is actively exploring multiple options to reduce these delays, and will update our website when new information is available. Augusta Health has many CDC recommended procedures and policies in place in order to continue serving patients seeking care in a safe environment. Augusta Health is testing internally all patients who are being admitted with suspicion of COVID-19 and receive those results within 24-hours. Additionally, Augusta Health is providing appropriate COVID-19 screening and testing prior to patients undergoing surgery and certain procedures in order for their procedure to continue safely.

For an update to this announcement, please see COVID Test Result Delays Update.