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Thursday, April 15, 2021

An Innovative Celebration to Improve Augusta Health’s Farmhouse on April 30

Augusta Health Team Member holding up Gala-to-go menu above craft barrels filled with food The Augusta Health Foundation will host its second Gala-to-Go on Friday, April 30 to raise funds to support the renovation of the farmhouse on the grounds of the AMI Farm at Augusta Health.

Gala-to-Go is an innovative alternative to the traditional fundraising gala that was developed last year to keep people safe and healthy during the COVID pandemic. Instead of gathering in a large party, gala-goers can pick up a delicious gourmet three-course meal for two and then join the Foundation virtually (at their own convenience) to learn about the Farmhouse project.

To order a Gala-to-Go, visit The donation for the gourmet meal for two—which includes a salad course, a main course and a desert course—is $120, and $50 is tax deductible. A wine option is also available, and sponsorship options for businesses are also available on the same page.

Pick-up is scheduled for Friday, April 30 from 5 pm until 7 pm at the Heart & Vascular Center entrance of Augusta Health.

Supporting the Farmhouse

In Augusta Health’s Community Health Needs Assessment in 2016, nutrition was identified as a key health need in our local community. Allegheny Mountain Institute, an educational non-profit working to cultivate healthy communities through food and education, was identified as a premier community partner to address this need. Together, AMI and Augusta Health opened the AMI Farm at Augusta Health in 2018.

The AMI Farm at Augusta Health, cultivated on Augusta Health land that was a working family farm for many years, includes a Farmhouse that cannot currently be used. A renovation is planned that will fill the farmhouse with life again as a community hub for nutrition education and demonstration. The designs include classrooms and meeting room for live and virtual gatherings and a kitchen for food demonstrations.

The Farmhouse will be a strong connection with the community for access to health produce and for meeting with clinicians and professionals to learn about the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle. Innovative, educational programs related to nutrition and health conditions—like diabetes and heart disease—that are related to nutrition and lifestyle will be provided at the Farmhouse.

For more information about the Farmhouse project, visit