Introducing Our New Vascular Suite

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A fully integrated center
provides optimal care.

In April, Augusta Health opened the doors to our Interventional Vascular Suite.

"We're excited about the convenience the suite offers our patients," says Augusta Health vascular surgeon Charles Goff, M.D., FACS. "We can perform both intravascular, minimally invasive procedures and open, traditional surgeries in one room, saving patients time and reducing discomfort."

Vascular surgery involves the diagnosis and treatment of vein and artery disorders. Jacek Paszkowiak, M.D., Augusta Health vascular surgeon, explains why this "hybrid room" is a major advancement. "The suite provides an operating room and a radiological imaging room in one. We're capable of doing both surgical and radiological procedures at the same time," says Dr. Paszkowiak.

One-stop care

Dr. Goff notes that the suite surpasses the facilities at many university hospitals. "To have an endovascular suite in an operating room streamlines the process and makes the experience more pleasant for our patients," says Dr. Goff. "They're no longer moved from room to room. The radiological capabilities allow us to take images before, during and after surgery in one place."

The suite is equipped with all the furnishings of an operating room, including anesthesia equipment, a floating table for smoother patient mobility, computerized documentation, integrated automated radiology imaging and surgical lights. The suite also features ceiling-mounted digital imaging equipment that provides high quality images. This advanced technology minimizes X-ray exposure to patients and staff.

"The vascular suite allows our patients to receive care close to home," says Augusta Health's Director of Surgical Services, Vickie Taylor, R.N., B.S.N. "Plus, it's located near the pre- and post-clinical departments, increasing efficiency and providing patients with our team's clinical excellence."

Advanced Technology

The Interventional Vascular Suite offers these diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

  • abdominal aortograms
  • arterial/venous fistulograms
  • balloon angioplasty
  • carotid arteriograms
  • endovascular aortic abdominal aneurysm repair
  • intravascular stenting percutaneous atherectomy
  • renal angiography
  • tissue plasminogen activator thrombolysis
  • upper and lower extremity angiography
  • venous angiography

Keep on pumping!

To learn how Dr. Goff and Dr. Paszkowiak of Shenandoah Valley Surgical Associates can help you or to learn more about the vascular suite at Augusta Health, call (540) 332-5999. The Vascular Suite is located at 70 Medical Center Circle, Suite 213, in Fishersville.