Restaurant Style Room Service to be Available for Patients

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Starting November 1, restaurant style room service will be available at Augusta Health.

"There's a perception that hospital food must be bland and boring, but that is all changing here," said Zeph Putnam, Director of Nutrition Services at Augusta Health. "Our nutrition staff has the privilege and responsibility of providing well-balanced, good-tasting and nutritious meal to our patients. We know that the right foods can bring a touch of home to a patient and go a long ways towards helping them recuperate. Our new Room Service program will help patients eat the foods they like to eat when they want to eat."

Most patients will receive an established restaurant style menu. When a patient wants to eat, he or she will call 'room service' and place the order. Meals will then be prepared fresh to order and delivered directly to the patient's bedside. Some patients, because of diagnosis or medical condition, will not be able to participate in the room service option; they will receive scheduled meals based on their prescribed diet.

"We realize that little details can make a big difference to people who are in the hospital, and good food is one of those details," added Putnam.

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