Walk with a Doc! Next Walk-July 15 on the Greenway in Waynesboro!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Doctors walking with community members at the July 8 walk

July 8 was a beautiful day for a walk! Those who joined Augusta Health’s Walk with a Doc program and Dr. David Rylak for a walk around Gypsy Hill Park also heard a Medical Minute from Murphy Deming Physician Assistant program students. Their topic? “Stimulate your Gut with Exercise”! Participants learned:

  • Excess weight around your midriff can disrupt your digestive system.
  • Extra weight can often push on the stomach and allow acid to travel up where it should not be—leading to heartburn.
  • That they should try to avoid exercise for two hours after meals because this turns off the nervous system that allows you to digest food and can hinder digestion.
  • When exercising close to the time you eat, light workout are better.
  • Exercise will improve blood flow and allow digestion to progress.
  • And finally, to remember VEST:
    • V for Vary your exercise.
    • E for Everyday routines can include exercise.
    • S for Step to it and check your pedometer to see how many steps you’ve taken.
    • T for Thirty minutes, five times a week.

The next walk will be on the Greenway in Waynesboro on Saturday, July 15. The walk will begin at the Dominion Shelter at 8:30 am. New walkers get a free t-shirt and pedometer. Dr. Barbara Fenton will lead the walk. See you there!