The Digestive Wellness Center is a groundbreaking medical practice of highly trained medical professionals who combine the best of traditional gastroenterology and integrative medicine. Our integrated GI practice incorporates the latest research on food, brain-gut connection, and how to harness the power of the microbiome to reach optimal health.

About the Program

Complementing traditional GI care, our providers use a holistic approach by incorporating concepts from integrative and lifestyle medicine. The Digestive Wellness Center treatment plan is strongly rooted in science and good medicine. Our unique gut health plan incorporates testing and treatments in 5 major areas:

  • Food is Medicine
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Microbiome Optimization
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention

What to Expect / Client Takeaways

Our care plan seeks to determine the root cause of disease and places special importance on the doctor-patient relationship. Additionally, our multi-disciplinary integrated model of GI care cultivates a therapeutic relationship with team members including physicians, nutritionists, health coaches, exercise and physical trainers, meditation and mindfulness experts, yoga instructors, culinary medicine chefs, farmers, and cognitive and behavioral therapists to deliver the best treatments in conventional and integrative medicine.

How Long the Program Lasts

Your gut influences every aspect of your health, beauty, happiness, and well-being.  Are you ready to optimize your gut health? Our innovative and integrated GI practice provides a path to help you feel better, recover from illness, and continue your wellness journey. We are here for you as long as you need us.

  • A personalized integrative medicine care plan, which incorporates the mind, body, and spirit
  • Longer clinical visits with your gastroenterologist to provide meaningful solutions for gut dysfunction
  • Evaluation of microbiome health using clinical and laboratory assessments
  • Nutrition program using food as medicine for gut healing
  • Lifestyle medicine program delivered by a personal health coach
  • Participation in workshops at the Augusta Health Farm with Allegheny Mountain Institute to promote a healthy nutrient-dense diet using sustainable growing practices and a farm-to-table approach
  • Culinary medicine program to learn techniques in anti-inflammatory Mediterranean cooking
  • Mind-body programming, including yoga and meditation/mindfulness
  • Cognitive restructuring to change thought patterns and build resilience when dealing with chronic illness
  • Lifestyle Medicine Webinar Series to help incorporate lifestyle changes to improve nutrition, stress management, restorative sleep, physical activity and exercise, positive social connection, and overuse of risky substances.
  • Personalized supplement and probiotic plan, if needed.

The Digestive Wellness Center seeks clients who desire a cutting-edge, holistic approach to gut health.

Quick Facts About the Program

Our clients include:

  • Those with digestive disorders like IBS, IBD, and celiac disease who seek an integrative medicine model of care
  • Those interested in incorporating microbiome solutions for gut health, health optimization, and general wellness
  • Those who prefer to use natural treatment options if possible alongside conventional care when indicated
  • Those who need more time to discuss GI problems and desire a programmatic approach to health and wellness
  • Those who plan to continue care with their established GI physician while incorporating integrated care through the Digestive Wellness Center

Our Team Members

  • Integrative Gastroenterologists
  • Lifestyle Medicine Trained Physicians
  • Dieticians
  • Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Health Coach
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Culinary Medicine Chefs
  • Allegheny Mountain Institute Farmers

We also have partners at Augusta Health and in our community for specialized services in integrative medicine and pelvic floor physical therapy.

Savita Srivastava
Savita Srivastava, MD
Christina A. Tennyson
Christina A. Tennyson

Contact Information

Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more.
Phone: 540-245-7350

  • Complete Membership Intake
  • Meet with our DWC Nurse Navigator for Pre-Boarding
  • Build your team and care plan for integrative GI care
  • Choose services that fit your needs
  • Call for more information

If you are interested in utilizing just a few of our services, you can also see us in Gastroenterology Clinc to access Digestive Wellness Center Services.