Industrial Therapy

Industrial Therapy is an expanding role for physical therapists at Augusta Health.

Traditionally, physical therapists have provided rehabilitation for workers after they suffered an injury.

We now provide services that prevent injuries and improve the safety of the workplace. Ergonomic assessments, educational classes and functional job assessments are all designed to meet the needs of your company, decrease injuries and improve productivity at work.

A Healthy Workplace Works For Everyone

  • Decrease health care costs
  • Decrease workplace injuries
  • Help injured workers return to work quickly and safely
  • Hire the right workers for the job
  • Implement functional job descriptions as opposed to physical job descriptions

Services We Provide

Educational Programs

Designed specifically for your company’s needs. Topics may include: body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention, postural awareness as well as exercises and stretching.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Objectively measures the maximum safe functional abilities of a client across a broad range of physical tasks resulting in recommendations for return to work or daily activities.

Functional Job Analysis

The process of identifying and measuring the critical demands of a job, this involves assessing the worker, the work and the worksite.

Job Function Match

An objective measure of a worker’s ability to safely perform the physical requirements of their job. If the worker lacks the job capabilities, reasonable accommodations can be suggested for earlier work return in accordance with the ADAAA.

Work Conditioning

Individualized programs for total body conditioning and work simulation designed to return to a specific job.

Functional Job Description

A specific description of a job based on the objective information from a Functional Job Analysis. This description is required when attempting to return and injured worker to their job.

Post Job Offer Screen

A post offer, pre work screening designed to test the ability of an applicant to carry out the essential job functions of a targeted job.

Wellness Programs

We can help you design a wellness program for your employees including education on life style choices, exercise, and motivation.