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Total Hip Replacement

If you're looking for the best hip replacement Virginia has to offer then look no further. Let us help you regain your life.

You will be admitted to the hospital on the day of your surgery. Prior to surgery, a member of the anesthesia team will evaluate you. The anesthesia team will discuss the anesthetic options with you and help you decide which type of anesthesia is best for you.

The procedure itself takes a few hours. Your orthopaedic surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and then position the new metal, plastic, or ceramic joint surfaces to restore the alignment and function of your hip.

Types of Hip Replacements

Many different types of designs and materials are currently used in artificial hip joints. All of them consist of two basic components: the ball component (made of a highly polished strong metal or ceramic material) and the socket component (a durable cup made of plastic, ceramic or metal, which may have an outer metal shell).

Special surgical cement may be used to fill the gap between the prosthesis and remaining natural bone to secure the artificial joint. Your orthopaedic surgeon will choose the type of prosthesis that best meets your needs for your hip replacement surgery.

After Surgery

After surgery, you will be moved to the recovery room where you will remain for 1-2 hours while your recovery from anesthesia is monitored. After you awaken fully, you will be taken to your hospital room.

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