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Caring Emergency Department Staff

It's the little things that make a difference.

I just wanted to send you a note about something that happened in the ED today that makes me proud to work for Augusta Health and the Emergency Department. When I came into work today I noticed on the way to my office that the Triage Nurse and Tech were working with a patient in the triage area that was on the floor. At first I was worried that the patient had fallen or that even something worse was going on. After I investigated a little I discovered that the patient had presented with some type of injury that justified her being placed on a backboard which is why she was on the ground.

The great part of this story is not about the care that the patient received (and I am positive that the ED staff provided excellent care) but about what I witnessed regarding the patient's daughter. The daughter was a very young child, and you could tell she was scared seeing her mother "packaged" up like that. The daughter just stood next to her mother, either looking at the ground or at her mom and didn't say anything. The first thing I witnessed was a Tech (Lisa Hiveley) encouraging the little girl to not be frightened and telling her everything was ok. I remember hearing Lisa say "stick with me and I'll make sure you are ok."

Minutes later I watched as a clerk (Donna Lewis) searched the department to see if we had any more kid's stickers to give the little girl. The drawer where we normally keep them in the back was empty but we were able to find more in the triage area.

Lastly, to top it all off the financial counselor in the ED (Chaya Cobb) decided to go down to the gift shop and get the little girl a coloring book and crayons. The last time I walked by, the girl was happily coloring on the floor in her mother's room.

Even more amazing than anything I mentioned is that this is what the ED staff does on a regular basis. I am very proud to be considered part of the ED where we have staff members that put in the extra effort for our patients and their families.