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Community Centered

Patient and Community Centeredness

"We believe that we must always prioritize our services and care in the interest of being patient, family and community centered."

It has become the stuff of legends. The storm… the power outage… the Derecho… the wild weekend at the end of June that spilled into July. Patients were stranded without equipment they needed or the electricity to run the equipment. Augusta Health staff, especially Care Home Medical, Home Health and Hospice made hundreds of calls and visits to patients to ensure their safety. Care Home Medical made 287 deliveries, dispensed 816 tanks/vessels and filled 749 tanks/vessels in a four day period. The Emergency Preparedness Staff and Maintenance crew handled keeping the hospital up and running. Hundreds of employees helped by covering for others, opening their homes for showers or air conditioning and supporting each other during a once-in-a lifetime (we hope) storm. All remained focused on serving patients and the community in a calm, positive and steadfast way that conveyed the message, "It's going to be OK."