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Diane from the Emergency Department

It's the little things that make a difference.

A little while back an older gentleman was brought to the ED by the rescue squad. There he was being cared for by Diane Temple, LPN. After some time he told Diane that when the rescue squad came to his home his wife, who was there, said that she would follow him shortly to the hospital. Diane looked at the time the gentleman was admitted and realized that a significant amount of time had passed and that his wife had not arrived. Diane then called the rescue squad that brought the gentleman in and asked them if they would be able to go check on her, yet they were unable to do so. She then called the EOC and police were sent to the home. The police had to knock down the door to go in and found the gentleman's wife on the floor. They in turn called the rescue squad and they brought her to the ER. She was unconscious and her condition was poor. Unfortunately, the wife did pass, but the husband did get to be at her side during her final moments. He told Diane about how wonderful his wife was and how much he loved her and that they had been married for 66 years. Had she not have gone the extra mile, the situation would have been very different.