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Santa's Helper at the Hospital

It's hard for a child to be in the hospital at any time of year—but it's even worse at Christmas. When Jasiyah
was visiting family from out of town over the holidays and needed to stay overnight at the hospital, there was
added anxiety. It was a special night—Christmas Eve—and how would Santa ever Find her? Fortunately, her nurse was Mary Ellen Earhart, and she understood the importance of Santa's role in the healing process. Since Jasiyah was the only pediatric patient that night, Mary Ellen moved many of the department's Christmas decorations, including the tree, into her room. She also made sure that Santa had directions and her presents were delivered to the proper place. We—along with Jasiyah, her parents and Santa—all appreciate Mary Ellen's efforts to make sure that Jasiyah's Christmas holiday in the hospital was as memorable and special as all her others.