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Healthcare Innovators Award

When Excellence and Teamwork combine with Critical Thinking—the Result is Innovation

Evidence-based order sets are being put in place in hospitals as a way to improve quality and reduce costs. A team of our colleagues at Augusta Health decided to investigate the effectiveness of order sets for all patients. They proved that evidence-based order sets improve the outcomes for patients while reducing the chance for medical errors and unnecessary cost—even after adjusting for variables like acuity.

This team—Dr. Fred Castello, Dr. Roger Gildersleeve and Penny Cooper—received the 2012 Virginia Healthcare Innovators Award for Patient Care for this study. There were 18 nominees in the category, and all had done impressive work. But Augusta Health's team was selected as the most innovative among innovators.

Now their analysis can be used by physicians across the county for guidance in the adoption of Computerized Physician Order Entry systems. They have completed several studies on best-practices, and another one, Assessing Readmission Risk, was recently published in the journal Healthcare Informatics.

Their thoughtful analysis and information is leading the way, helping us all provide high quality care at lower costs.