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Putting a Patient at Ease

It's the little things that make a difference.

A most delightful man called Patient Support Services this morning. He came in to Augusta Health for an ultrasound yesterday. He is new to this area. He explained to me that from past experiences he is very fearful of hospitals, medical and nursing care. He states he was very anxious yesterday, but was quickly put at ease in ultra-sound. Georgia Clark was the U/S technologist performing the test, but also was teaching Kelly Bates during the procedure. He said Georgia and Kelly were very professional and efficient while maintaining a friendly approach to him. He said Georgia taught him much while she was explaining to Kelly. He was very impressed with Kelly because she asked such good questions. The patient said Dr. Huggins then joined them and he also had such a caring attitude. This patient could not express it enough to me, his appreciation and happiness in having a hospital like this to meet his needs.

Thanks to Georgia, Kelly, and Dr. Huggins for allaying this patient's fears and managing his care so efficiently and compassionately.