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Therapy Gave Me The Support I Needed

This is a letter from a therapy patient:

August 25, 2010

Lee and staff:

Today is the first day of school with students. There was a time a few months ago when I didn't think I would be part of the living. However, Augusta Health and their entire support team created an atmosphere that nurtured self-determination, confidence and hope.

This letter has been rolling around inside my head since I first came home and embarked on my rehabilitation with my home health physical therapist. He, too, was highly skilled and was able to encourage me to work through the pain. Physical therapy is a wretched torture. In retrospect, physical therapy was definitely a necessary evil for recovery.

As a participant and a spectator, I observed a phenomenal team of caregivers in your physical therapy room. You will never know how much your patience, encouragement, and personal commitment to each and every patient provided each one of us with hope. Your tools of success, whether it be humor, coercion, or cajoling, still have an impact on my recovery. You are an integral part of the total rehabilitation process. Without you, I know I would have slipped in to despair. I looked into the eyes of your other patients. They, too, were suffering, discouraged, and overwhelmed. Your team systematically reached into their very essence and pulled them into the land of the living. You won't be financially compensated for all your mini-miracles. I just want to send you all my heartfelt appreciation for your personal support.

Because of you, I am able to stand in Sharon Elementary's front hallway and welcome the
children. Hopefully, I can emulate your warmth and tender guidance and make a difference in their school year.

Thank you for being the caring angels I so desperately needed in order to become a survivor of bilateral knee replacement surgery. Just mentioning this surgery makes me cringe.