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Augusta Health Cardiology

We are committed to high quality, patient centered cardiology care. Our goal is to create and maintain a personal and respectful atmosphere in the ever-evolving health care environment.

We Provide

  • Outpatient cardiology and management
  • Preoperative cardiology evaluation
  • Coronary risk factor evaluation and management
  • Noninvasive cardiology diagnostic testing
  • Emergent and diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization
  • Invasive Coronary Intervention (coronary stenting, coronary angioplasty, PCI)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Inpatient cardiology consult and care management

Our Practice

Patient Story

The Gayers in their homeWe are extremely grateful to you for the quality of care and professional management of my needs. I am especially indebted for the recognition of female symptoms of a cardiac problem when pain was not among the presenting symptoms.  

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