Camp Dragonfly

Camper riding a horseGrieving children and teens often feel alone in their grief. Most of their friends don't understand how it feels when someone special dies. Camp Dragonfly is a great place in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where children and teens from throughout the area can gather with their peers to share the experience of grieving the death of someone they love.

Through playing and sharing, campers realize that their emotions are normal and that what is happening to them is happening to others. Fun is the top priority at Camp Dragonfly. Campers will learn that it is okay to laugh and play—and that it is not disrespectful to the memory of the person who died.

At Camp Dragonfly, many activities are designed to gently and slowly guide each camper through some of the pain of grief. Activities include: making a memory collage, a question/answer period with a physician, workbook sessions, arts and crafts, recreation time for paddle boats, a candlelight ceremony, and a special camp closing ceremony which the parents/guardians are asked to attend. The closing ceremony is designed to include the entire family. It symbolically allows the campers and participants to release some of the pain associated with losing a loved one while holding onto the special memories. Camp Dragonfly will provide a supportive, healing environment where campers can openly express their feelings without fear of being criticized.

Camp Dragonfly is for children and teens ages six to eighteen. Because of the generosity of many individuals, groups and businesses, the Advisory Board of Augusta Health Hospice of the Shenandoah is offering the camp free of charge. It is our hope that this special experience will remain available to anyone wishing to attend.