Are you looking for a small community where taking care of family and neighbors still matters? Nestled between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley is Augusta Health. As one of the few independently owned health care systems in the state, our staff, Board of Directors, and physicians live and work in the community and make health care decisions based on community needs.

At Augusta Health, nursing has vast opportunities for advancement in your career through tuition reimbursement, clinical ladder and the RN residency program for new RN graduates. We also offer a variety of practice settings such as, oncology, obstetrics, medical, surgical, wound care, cardiovascular, emergency, clinics, case management, home care, hospice, behavioral health and nurse leadership, to name a few. We practice shared governance and work in tandem from the bedside nurse to the Chief Nursing Officer to provide contemporary evidenced base care to our patients.

Our service promise to our patients, families and community is "Together we build trust and peace of mind for our community by creating personalized, compassionate care, close to home, never alone."

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