Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?

You may apply at any time. Typically students apply starting in the fall for the class starting the following summer. Pre-requisites courses do not need to be completed prior to application. Indicate on the application when you plan to enroll in the remaining required courses, if any. Also, please indicate on the application the class year you are applying for. Any applications received after November 19 will automatically be rolled over into the next class application cycle.

Do you accept community college/online course credit?

Yes, as long as the credit was obtained at a regionally accredited college/university.

Do you accept CLEP(R) credits?

Please review our CLEP policy.

Do you offer financial aid/scholarships?

Please review the Student Handbook, posted on the Program Performance and Policies page, for information on financial aid and scholarships.

How many applications do you receive each year?

It varies; but, over the past three years we have received an average of 30 applications.

How many students do you enroll each year?

Currently, we are enrolling eight students per year.

What is your certification exam pass rate?

Over the past five years, our program graduates' certification exam first time pass-rate is 64%, and our overall pass rate is 89%.

What is your program schedule like?

Please review our current and planned academic calendars.