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Community Benefit Initiatives

Following the adoption of the Augusta County Community Health Needs Assessment and Augusta Health Implementation Plan by the Augusta Health Board, a comprehensive community benefit strategy was developed to coordinate current programs and create new initiatives to address the needs identified in the CHNA and targeted in the Implementation Plan. These programs, based on research of best practices in the Community Benefit Field include:

New Initiatives and Pilot Programs

Faith Community Nursing

A pilot program under development with local churches to positively impact health outcomes for the most vulnerable in our community by expanding access to excellent physical and spiritual care through local faith communities.

Friends and Family CPR

Classes are offered to community members.

Walk With A Doc

A physician-led walking program held twice a month at community locations. Each walk begins with a brief 'Health Talk' on the benefits of walking.

Ongoing Outreach Programs and Services

Tobacco Cessation Classes

Guidelines and recommendations given by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

Lunch and Learns

A series of monthly seminars to educate the public on health-related topics. Check the calendar monthly for information on the current program.

Caring for You and Living Healthy

Bimonthly health education articles in the Staunton News Leader and Waynesboro News Virginian. Chronic diseases and health education needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment are emphasized.

Event Calendars

Monthly calendar published in the local news papers to provide the community with details on all support groups, screening events, health education programs, and special health events at Augusta Health.

Fitness Programs

Augusta Health Fitness programs are provided at free or reduced cost to address the needs of specific populations identified in the the Community Health Needs Assessment, including Fitness Rx, Cancer Rx, and Silver Sneakers.

Support Groups

Chronic disease specific support groups to address the needs of those chronic diseases identified in the the Community Health Needs Assessment. Includes: Diabetes Support Group, Friends Listening to Friends(Cancer Patients), Continuing Survivor (cancer patients who have completed treatment), Diversions (Ostomy), Parkinson's Disease, Stroke Club.

Screening Events

Annual screening events held at Augusta Health include the Annual Skin Cancer Screening and the Heart Health Fair.

Seminars and Symposiums

As needed, seminars or symposiums on current topics of interest and concern are presented to the public.

Speakers' Bureau

A provision of health experts who provide information on health topics to community groups. Request a speaker for your event.

Youth Programs

An established roster of programs to engage youth in health careers at Augusta Health—ACES (Augusta Career Explorers) Middle School Camp, Teen Volunteers, Mentorships (coordinated through the school districts), and Medical Explorers.

Bridge Fund

The Bridge Fund provides financial support to 'bridge' the gap and pay expenses not covered by insurance. Available for cancer patients in the Augusta Health Cancer Program.

Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership

The Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership is a bi-monthly meeting of all health and human services agencies in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County to exchange information, share resources and unify programs addressing the health needs tof the community.

Augusta Health Clinical Programs

Medical Home Clinic

A clinic that takes a proactive approach to care for highly complex patients (those with multiple chronic conditions) who have no insurance. The approach is evidence-based and includes weekly clinical care conferences, outcomes bundles, wellness initiates, and a team approach that includes the patient.

Home Health Telehealth

Home Health Telehealth provides in-home devices that function as an educational tool and liaison with health professionals regarding doctor's orders, medications, and vital signs.

Cancer Program Navigators

Healthcare professionals provided without charge to cancer patients. Navigators help guide the patient and families through the entire course of treatment from diagnosis to recovery, coordinating care and connecting patients to the resources they need.