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Our Community. Our Future. Our Health.

We have entered into a new era of health care, a time when our health is more connected to one another than ever before. We are told—that smaller communities cannot continue to provide world-class health care facilities. We are told—that smaller communities won't be able to hire the very best and brightest physicians and clinicians. We are told—that community hospitals like Augusta Health will need to bend to the overwhelming challenges. But what they don't know is the strength of our community. The Augusta Health Foundation is committed to the future of our community's health care needs and our region's way of life. Together, with your support, we will continue to come to the aid of the underserved, the elderly, our children and everyone here who needs life-changing health care services.

The One Hundred Percent Promise

One hundred percent—that's exactly how much of your generous gift will go directly to the programs and initiatives that you support through the Augusta Health Foundation. Thanks to our partnership with Augusta Health and their commitment to fund the Foundation's operations, your gift can now have maximum and lasting impact.

Our Mission

Augusta Health Foundation inspires community ownership through charitable giving to advance health and wellness in our region.


Board of Directors

  • Cheri Moran, Staunton - Chair
  • Rob Kyler, MD, Staunton - Vice Chair
  • Julie Plumbley, MD, Staunton – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Judy Burtner, Waynesboro
  • Robin Crowder, Waynesboro
  • Connie Doebele, Staunton
  • Lora Hamp, Waynesboro
  • Brad Johnson, Waynesboro
  • Chris Heck, MD, Waynesboro
  • Mary Mannix, FACHE, President & CEO, Augusta Health
  • James Perkins, Waynesboro
  • John Peterson, M.Div., Staunton – Chair of Augusta Health Board of Directors
  • Arona Richard, Waynesboro


  • Tami Radecke, Vice President-Community Partnerships, Augusta Health and Executive Director, Augusta Health Foundation
  • Susannah Via, Annual Fund Officer
  • Anna MacDonald, Data Systems Specialist
  • Rebekah Carter, Administrative Assistant
  • Sherri Heishman, Philanthropy Manager

Please reach out to us at ahfoundation [at] or (540) 332-5174