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Clinical Nutrition

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Clinical Nutrition

Selection of food in a grocery refrigeratorAugusta Health's Registered Dietitians provide a full range of nutrition services for patients and the community. We can advise you on sports nutrition, therapeutic meal plans, weight management, and understanding food labels or the latest nutrition news.

Sports Nutrition

Maximize your workouts or your game by making small changes in your diet! What you don't know may keep you from performing your best. Visits to local schools and colleges are available for athletes, coaches, and trainers.

Therapeutic Meal Plans

Diabetes Care

A Certified Diabetes Educator offers expertise on lifestyle behaviors for improved diabetes management. Learn new approaches and receive information about upcoming diabetes programs!

The Diabetes Self-Management Education Program of Augusta Health specializes in the care and education for individuals with Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. The program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Managed Education.

We offer a 4 part class series every month including nutrition class, pattern management, diabetes and exercise, and introduction workshops on diabetes.

Visit Diabetes & Nutrition Education for more information.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Patients in the following outpatient areas meet with a Registered Dietitian to discuss nutrition needs and concerns. In-patients receive nutrition counseling services by consult.

Cardiac Rehab

Learn how to shop for and prepare heart healthy meals without the stress. Information about antioxidants, vegetarian diets and the latest nutrition research in heart disease is also available.

Oncology Clinic

Cancer treatments often result in malnutrition due to its side effects. Better nutrition status enhances response to cancer therapy. Nutrition tips and support are provided.


Dietary management is essential for successful treatment of kidney failure. Dialysis increases the risk of malnutrition. Nutrition guidance and tips are provided with monthly visits by the dietitian to review dialysis care.

Nutrition Support

Guidance is provided for both tube-feeding and parenteral nutrition by Registered Dietitians and Certified Nutrition Support Clinicians.

Home Health

Consultation provided for referrals by home health nurses.

Outpatient Office

Private nutrition counseling is available for all types of medical and preventive health issues. Appointments are arranged through a physician-referral or self-referral.

Weight Management

Prefer the private, one-on-one approach? A registered dietitian provides the tools and support for lifelong weight control and eating behavior change without rigid diet rules or required weigh-ins. Learn to eat what you want, when you want. Individual consultations are available if you are interested.

Community Services

Grocery Store Tours

Food labels got you dizzy? Shop with a Registered Dietitian and learn how the food label makes healthy eating easier.

Seminars & Health Fairs

Confused about the latest nutrition news? Have a registered dietitian present accurate nutrition information to your club, business, church, or school on the nutrition topic of your choice.

Nutrition Counseling

Private nutrition counseling for all types of medical and preventive health issues. Appointments arranged via physician-referral or self-referral.

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