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Our Dietitians

A Registered Dietitian has obtained a bachelor's or master's degree in nutrition from an accredited college or university, completed 900 hours of supervised training, has passed the national registration exam administered by the commission of Dietetic Registration, and maintains professional credentials through clinical based continuing education.

Jane Blosser, MS, RD, CDE

(540) 332-4576 or (540) 932-4576

Clinical Nutrition Manager of Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Outpatient Program. Diabetes Support Group and Home Health.

Caroline Hackley, MEd, RD, CDE

(540) 332-2539 or (540) 932-2539

Diabetes Education and Wellness in the Outpatient Program. Diabetes Classes and the Medical Home Clinic.

Janice Callender, RD, CDE

(540) 332-4183 or (540) 932-4183

Renal and Dialysis Patients. Diabetes Education.

Laura Johnson, PhD, RD, CNCS

(540) 332-5034 or (540) 932-5034

Nutrition Support and Inpatient Nutrition Therapy, Critical Care.

Katie Shook, RD CNCS

(540) 332-4574 or (540) 932-4574

Cardiology Inpatient Nutrition Therapy. Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab.

Cheryl Miller, MS, RD

(540) 332-5484 or (540) 932-5484

Dietetic Internship Coordinator. Surgery, Wound Care Specialty, GI Nutrition, Obstetrics.

Ashley Hartshorn, RD

(540) 332-5508 or (540) 932-5508

Chronic Disease, Pediatrics.

Mary Albert, MS, RD

(540) 332-5929 or (540) 932-5929

Bath Community Hospital, Diabetes Educator focusing on weight management. Outpatient Diabetes program.

Cancer Center

Mary Beth Landes, MS, RD, CSO

(540) 332-5522 or (540) 932-5522

Cancer Center and Inpatient Nutrition Therapy.

Community Outreach

Kara Meeks, MS, RD, CDE

(540) 332-4191 or (540) 932-4191

Community Outreach.


Julia Kearns, RD

(540) 221-7894 or (540) 245-7894

Nutrition Programming at the Fitness Center

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