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Quit at Augusta Health

You can quit. We can help.

The Augusta Health Tobacco Cessation Program, Quit at Augusta Health, provides a variety of services to help you quit smoking for good. Our tobacco treatment specialist will meet with you to discuss your tobacco use history and your goals. Together, we will come up with a plan that best suits your individual needs. This may include medication, behavioral treatments and follow up.

Who is this program for?

Man breaking a cigaretteThis program is for individuals or families who are interested in changing their tobacco use (cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, cigarillos, e-cigarette, or other tobacco products). Patients do not have to be ready to quit for good—we will talk to patients about how to reduce use or stay quit while preparing for surgery or pregnancy. Patients may have quit already and want to learn how to stay quit over the long-term. Candidates do not have to be current August Health patients in order to participate in the program.

Program Overview

We help patients stop smoking by creating personalized plans for patients to address underlying factors that made quitting difficult for them in the past. Our primary goal is to ensure all patients have access to the best and most comprehensive treatment options to help them quit smoking, for good.

The Quit at Augusta Health team will first facilitate a phone discussion about treatment options. Most people choose to follow this discussion with an in-person or telehealth visit, during which:

  • A provider on the care team will perform a written and physical evaluation*, and breath testing*, discuss the need for other appointments and services (such as lung cancer screening), and help to develop a treatment plan which may include medications, individual counseling, and/or group skills training.
  • A social worker will discuss counseling options and group skills training to prepare for a quit attempt.
  • Plan for follow-up meetings with the social worker and medical provider throughout treatment.

* Physical evaluations and breath testing will be limited during the COVID-19 restriction period.


As Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists, we partner with patients to administer a thorough evaluation and personalized treatment plan which may combine the following evidence-based modalities:

  • Medications
  • Individual or family counseling
  • Group skills training
  • Phone check-ins

We will follow up with you to help you throughout your journey of becoming tobacco-free.

What is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS)?

A Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist has undergone this specialized, intensive training program and must also demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the treatment of tobacco dependence by completing coursework, documenting experience, and passing an examination.

Call 540-245-QUIT (7848) for more information. Fax: (540) 245-7808