Patient Info & Forms

At Augusta Health Cardiology, our goal is to maintain effective and ongoing communication among all aspects of your healthcare continuum. We strive to make patient satisfaction, education and empowerment a top priority. If at any time you require additional assistance, need information, or have a suggestion or comment, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our dedication is to you and your health.

We are located in the Augusta Health Heart & Vascular Center (get directions). The office is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. We are closed all major holidays. If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, kindly give the office 24 hour notice so we may offer this time to another patient. We will make every attempt to accommodate your scheduling needs. While we strive to ensure that you are seen promptly, occasionally emergencies arise and you may be asked to wait beyond your appointment time. We appreciate your patience and can assist with rescheduling as the need arises.

Please ensure that you inform us any time your insurance, contact information, or medical history changes. This will assist us in providing you with the best possible care.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Prior to your initial visit

  • Complete the New Patient Registration Forms. These are available on the MyOffice patient portal. If you have not logged in before, speak with our office about getting your account setup. You will also be able to send us messages, see lab results, request prescription refills, and more.
  • Verify that referral authorizations required by your insurance have been completed by your PCP or referring physician
  • Ask your doctor to send a copy of medical records pertaining to your condition to our office
  • You will receive a courtesy telephone reminder three days prior to your appointment

Bring to your appointment

  • Completed Patient Registration Forms – if not previously submitted
  • Insurance and identification cards
  • Any legal paperwork – including legal/medical Power of Attorney
  • ALL current medications, including any over the counter medications, in the original bottles. We understand that some medications are not easily transported, i.e. Insulin or other medications requiring refrigeration. A list of these medications can easily be obtained from your pharmacist. Please bring medications with you to every appointment. Accuracy is key to maintaining effective and quality care.
  • X-rays and test results that were performed outside of Augusta Health.

Follow-Up Appointments

In order to maintain our commitment to your healthcare needs, it will be necessary to evaluate your progress in follow-up appointments. These appointments may be more frequent at the onset of your condition then gradually taper based on your progress. Follow-ups are important after any testing, blood work or medication changes. These appointments give us a chance to re-evaluate, communicate and adjust your plan of care appropriately. It is also an opportunity to discuss with the physician, in person, the results of any test. Our commitment is to keep you informed and involved with a plan of care centered on your specific needs.


As a courtesy, we will file insurance claims directly to your provider. Co-pays are expected at the time of the appointment. Most major insurances are accepted.

Assistance with Special Services

Should you or a family member have any individual needs (foreign language or sign language interpreters, visual impairment aides, etc.) – please notify staff when making your appointment. We will do our best to assure that your needs are met.


The privacy of your health care information is very important to Augusta Health. We recognize that you may have family and/or friends who assist you with your healthcare; however in order to protect your health care information (and in compliance with federal laws), your medical information will not be disclosed to anyone unless specifically indicated on the chart. Please discuss this confidentiality option with the office nurse and appropriate arrangements will be made.


In the event of an emergency, either during or after business hours, you may be directed to proceed to the nearest Emergency Department by CALLING 911 or the EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBER in your area. When you arrive, you will be evaluated by an ER physician who will see that your immediate medical needs are handled properly. As indicated, they will then consult with the cardiologist on call from our practice and a plan of care will be determined.

Prescription Refills

In the event you are in need of a prescription refill, please contact your pharmacist and have them fax a Refill Request Authorization to (540) 245-7081. Please allow 48 to 72 hours for processing. It is important to be pro-active in your needs and anticipate events such as holidays, long weekends, and travel plans.