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Mediport Clinic

Medi-ports are placed to gain venous access. These ports can be used for chemotherapy treatments, long-term antibiotic use, fluid therapy, or blood draws. To access your Medi-port, a special needle will be used. For these procedures the Medi-port is usually placed in the upper chest.

A Medi-port is a small medical appliance (reservoir) placed in a pocket made beneath the skin. The catheter part is tunneled underneath the skin and connects the port to a large vein. Usually the jugular or subclavian vein will be used. The patient will usually have an anesthesiologist with them. The surgeon will also use a local medicine to numb the port area. The surgery is completed during a day visit and then the patient may return home.

There may be some discomfort for the first 24-48 hours which can be managed with pain medication. There is no special care you have to do for your Medi-port. It will not affect your normal daily activities. Your Medi-port can stay in place for as long as your doctor determines that you need it. It can even be left in place for several years. The removal of your Medi-port can be done in the operating room or surgeon's office.

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