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Date: September 12, 2023
Categories: Press Release

REVOLUTIONIZING NURSE SAFETY AND THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE OF BEING BOOSTED UP IN BED. FISHERSVILLE, Virginia —A new technology at Augusta Health is helping resolve a longstanding challenge in caring for patients – safely boosting them up when they slide down in their beds.

This technology, called The Hercules Patient Repositioner, includes a unique drive, mattress, and sheet combination that allows a single caregiver to safely boost a patient back up in bed to a comfortable position with a simple button push. The system operates much like a conveyor and effortlessly boosts the patient up in bed, oftentimes without them even knowing they are moving.

“Boosting using Hercules is very comfortable and allows one caregiver to safely boost by pushing a button,” said Vickie Taylor, RN, Augusta Health Assistant Vice President of Nursing. “The Hercules positioner improves patient experience and comfort while saving valuable nursing time.”

The purchase of this Hercules Patient Repositioner technology is made possible with gifts to Augusta Health Foundation. Augusta Health’s Shenandoah House received four Hercules Repositioners in 2022, and now, with additional donor funds, Augusta Health has installed 42 Hercules Repositioners – 30 for the Medical Unit, 6 for Skilled Nursing, and 6 for the Intensive Care Unit. This is phase one of a threephase project to install repositioners in all inpatient units in the hospital, to benefit patients and team members.

“Seeing, firsthand, the difference this technology makes in the patient and team member experience is powerful. Knowing the generosity of our donors made it possible is truly inspiring,” said Shirley Davis Carter, CFRE, Augusta Health Foundation Executive Director and Vice President of Philanthropy. “A patient may need to be repositioned in bed as many as 10+ times daily. Conventional repositioning methods, such as slide sheets and lifts, are disruptive. Patients don’t have to worry about that unpleasant experience when caregivers use Hercules.”

Traditional patient-boosting methods are also a leading cause of injury for bedside caregivers. This physically demanding, time-consuming task contributes to job dissatisfaction and burnout and is a significant reason nurses leave bedside care.

“Hercules has had a big impact on our Augusta Health Shenandoah House team members,” said Joey Mooneyham, RN, Augusta Health Hospice of the Shenandoah, Clinical Coordinator. “Staff feel safer using the unit because there is less strain on them physically.”

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