Board of Directors & Committee Members

John P. Bowers
Debra S. Callison
Robin G. Crowder
Robin G. Crowder
Ronald W. Denney
Rich Evans
Richard Evans, MD
David Fosnocht, MD
David Fosnocht, MD
Christopher Heck, MD
Homer Hite
Homer Hite
Laurel L. Landes
Mary N. Mannix
Mary N. Mannix
A. Whit Morriss, MD
A. Whit Morriss, MD
Jack Otteni, MD
Rev. John C. Peterson
Rev. John C. Peterson
Burnie Powers
Keri B. Rankin
Victor M. Santos
Vice Chairman

Emeritus Members

  • E. Stuart Crow
  • Bertram C. Hopeman
  • E. Donald McClure (deceased 2020)
  • Gerald L. Biehn (deceased 2006)
  • Richard E. Bonin (deceased 2013)
  • Thomas L. Gorsuch, MD (deceased 2004)
  • Richard W. Smith (deceased 2006)

Measurable Value

While the Board is involved with all aspects of hospital growth and development, even those instrumental in the Board’s success say it’s difficult to measure the exact impact the Board has on Augusta Health. It is difficult to quantify the importance of the Board to the overall success of the hospital, but it is a significant part. They not only deal with the governance issues, but also act as the goodwill ambassadors for the hospital.

Uncommon Qualities

Being a Board member or a committee group member may not be a job for everyone – but it might be a calling for anyone with a heart for community service.

Giving your time to improve the quality of life for your fellow community residents, committing hours to getting new projects off the ground, and overseeing existing services are all parts of being a member of the Board of Directors or a committee group member for Augusta Health.

Board members and committee group members are chosen from candidates who are interested in working together to improve the health of our community. The Governance Committee keeps a diverse group of members involved by electing community members with backgrounds in business, government, legal, religious, educational, and medical fields.

Board Committee Groups

  • Community Partnership
  • Compliance
  • Executive
  • Finance
    • Investment Subcommittee
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Quality & Patient Safety
  • Property & Facilities (ad hoc)