Our Mission, Vision & Values


To strengthen the health and well-being of all people in our communities.


Augusta Health will be a national model for a community-based health system.

This will be attained through:

  • Unrivaled coordinated care of the highest quality
  • Inspired and engaged professionals
  • Patient centered services that are recognized for being comprehensive, distinguished, compassionate, and specialized
  • A health system in aggressive pursuit of transformation


Our actions should be guided by an established set of core values that serve as an inspiration for all, reflect who we are, and represent what we aspire to be.

Patient and Community‚ÄĒCenteredness

We believe that the patient is at the center of all that we do and the sole reason we exist. Ease of access and availability of services are important, but so is providing a warm and compassionate environment.


We believe our conduct, ethics, and behaviors must reflect integrity at all times. We pledge to stay current with education and do our jobs as best we can, ensuring our competency to patients, one another, and the community at all times.


We believe in upholding the highest of standards for what is right and we believe that as a healthcare system, our performance standards must be at the highest levels at all times; therefore, we commit to excellence in all that we do.


The strength of Augusta Health is based on our commitment to teamwork. We have the greatest success in fulfilling our mission and serving our community when we work together and have a collective stake in our successes and failures.

Driving Strategies

To achieve our vision, the path forward is defined through eight strategies:

  1. Deliver a Superior Patient Experience
  2. Grow Our Highly Specialized Care Capabilities
  3. Increase Convenient Access to Care
  4. Form Strong Partnerships
  5. Deliver Highly Coordinated, Personalized Care
  6. Invest in People Who are Passionate, Engaged and Enthusiastic
  7. Leverage Our Financial Strength
  8. Improve the Health of the Community