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Our Mission, Vision, & Values

The mission of Augusta Health is to promote the health and well-being of our community through access to excellent care. Our vision is to be a national model for a community based health system.


At Augusta Health, we believe our actions should be guided by an established set of core values that serve as an inspiration for all, reflect who we are, and represent what we aspire to be. Our values are patient- and community-centeredness, professionalism, excellence, and teamwork. As stewards of a healthcare system that exists to serve the community, we believe these values should guide our actions and behaviors at all times. We recognize that while it is important for us to embrace change, Augusta Health values symbolize constancy and our foundation. As we embrace these values, we will achieve our goal of being the first choice for healthcare services for our community, and we pledge to hold true to these values at all times.

To that end, these organizational values have been developed by the people of Augusta Health: employees, medical staff, volunteers, and leaders who interact with patients and families every day. These values were affirmed by the Augusta Health Board of Directors, a group of voluntary community leaders and physicians directly representing the community and who serve as vigilant guardians to ensure our community's needs are being met by Augusta Health at all times.

Patient- and Community-Centeredness

We believe that the patient is at the center of all that we do and the sole reason we exist. We recognize that the patient is an integral member of a family, and the family is part of our community. For these reasons, we must always prioritize our services and clinical care in the interest of being patient-, family-, and community-centered. Ease of access and availability of services are important, but so is providing a warm and compassionate environment. We listen thoroughly to patients and families, recognize the stress they may be under, and treat them with dignity and respect. We organize our systems and processes around the needs of the patient, family, and community, and not our convenience as providers.


We highly value our employees, medical staff, and volunteers, and we consider us all as healthcare professionals, regardless of our roles in the healthcare system. Therefore, we believe our conduct, ethics, and behaviors must reflect integrity at all times. To this end, we pledge to stay current with education and do our jobs as best we can, ensuring our competency to patients, one another, and the community at all times. Professional appearance, attitude, and behavior throughout the organization are what the community expects and what we demand of ourselves.


We believe that as a healthcare system, our performance standards must be at the highest levels at all times; therefore, we commit to excellence in all that we do. We recognize that aspiring to excellence is a journey that requires constant innovation and openness to change. We know that education is core to promoting excellence and that ongoing learning is essential for all healthcare professionals. Finally, our commitment to excellence is inspired by strongly held beliefs in clinical quality and safe patient care.


The strength of Augusta Health is based on our commitment to teamwork. We have the greatest success in fulfilling our mission and serving our community when we work together, and have a collective stake in our successes and failures. When we work together we are capable of reaching the highest levels of performance and producing the best possible health outcomes for and service to our community.

Strategic Plan

All of us, the people of Augusta Health, have made a personal commitment to achieving our vision. Our path forward is defined in our strategic plan.

Culture of Trust and Respect

Develop a work-place culture of high expectations for employees, physicians, and leaders that promotes trust, mutual respect, and professional growth.

Physician Network Expansion

Create a robust network of physicians committed to one another's success and that of Augusta Health.


Secure affiliations and partnerships that strengthen Augusta Health and its community of physicians.

Clinical Quality

Continue to measure and advance high-quality clinical care that is patient-centered and cost-effective.

Primary Care Coordination

Expand and strengthen our primary care network.

Services and Facilities

Invest in service lines and facilities that secure our position as a preferred community health system.

Integrated Health Records

Connect all our caregivers with timely, accessible, and useful clinical information.

Community Health and Engagement

Engage through clinical programs and outreach efforts to improve our community's health in measurable ways.

Value and Viability

Achieve sustainable revenues and a competitive cost structure.