Endometriosis Resources- Pelvic Floor


  • “Beating Endo” Iris Kerin Orbuch, MD, Amy Stein, DPT;
  • Outsmart Endo” Jessica Drummond, PT
  • “Pelvic Pain Explained”, Stephanie Prendergast, PT and Elizabeth Rummer, PT
  • “Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain”, Amy Stein, PT
  • “Ending Female Pain” Isa Herrera, PT;
  • “When Sex Hurts” Jill Krapf, MD
  • The Period Repair Manual” Lara Briden, ND
  •  “Explain Pain” Lorimer Mosely and David Butler, PT, “Why Pelvic pain Hurts” Adriaan Louw, PT
  • “3 Diaphragms for Pain Relief”, Dr Matthew J Taylor- stress, breathing and effects on the body-YouTube


  • Phendo, Uterinekind, Lasa Health, Painscale,
  • Insight timer- has guided meditation with different themes from 2-40 min; HeadSpace; Calm
    • Squeezy, Vesica – PF ex’s and voiding diaries
  • Recognize- guided motor imagery- use the feet module
    • Allura- meditation; Breathe2relax