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Why Swim?

  • Swimming uses most of the major muscle groups, and strengthens the upper and lower body.
  • It is a form of meditation that helps calm nerves.
  • It is an effective weight-control exercise.
  • It improves cardiovascular conditioning.
  • It is non-weight bearing and imposes low stress on the bones and joints.
  • It burns fat, lowers cholesterol, and builds your heart and lung muscles.

Aquatic Facilities & Services

Fitness Pool

Augusta Health Fitness is proud to offer a 25 meter, 6 lane, Fitness Pool for lap swimmers, Group Fitness Classes and Swim Team Practices. This pool maintains a temperature of approximately 81ºF and is perfect for more rigorous exercise.

Therapy Pool

The Therapy Pool is shared by Augusta Health Outpatient Therapy and the members of Augusta Health Fitness. This pool is used for therapy, group fitness classes, and aquatic exercise. The Therapy Pool is kept at a therapeutic temperature of approximately 90ºF.


The spa accommodates 6 people at any given time and is maintained at approximately 101ºF. The powerful jets in our spa make it a perfect way to unwind after a workout! The spa is closed on Monday and Thursday from 8:30pm – 10:00pm for cleaning.

Steam Room

Spend some time in our steam room and feel yourself relax! Scented with eucalyptus, our steam room will help to open you up as it permeates your muscles with relaxation!