Our Mission

The mission of the Augusta Health Internal Medicine Residency Program is to create and foster an exceptional education for internal medicine trainees that emphasizes compassionate patient care, a deep understanding of the science of medicine, and an uncompromised commitment to clinical and academic excellence. Key to this endeavor, the residency program strives to promote curiosity, professionalism, diversity, trainee well-being, collaboration and community involvement, graduating compassionate, ethical, and competent physicians.

Our Team

Mahfuz Hoq, MD, MPH
Designated Institution Official
Chief Medical Officer
Clinical Specialty: Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Jessicah Collins, MD
Internal Medicine Program Director, Endocrinologist
Dawn Dola-Jenney
Internal Medicine Program Coordinator
Jessica Lewis, MD
Associate Program Director for Faculty Development, Infectious Diseases
Amit Patel, DO
Associate Program Director for Inpatient Medicine, Hospitalist
Adiba Geeti, MD
Associate Program Director for Resident Wellness and Quality Improvement,

A Message From Our Program Director, Jessicah Collins, MD

Dear Residency Applicant,

Welcome. I am excited to introduce you to our internal medicine residency program. At Augusta Health, we are proud of our commitment to compassionate, high quality community healthcare, and we are thrilled that our first class of internal medicine residents will join us in this endeavor July 2024.

I joined Augusta Health as a practicing endocrinologist in 2013 and am proud of the innovation and dedication that I witness here. The quality of community care and the greater vision of this hospital is unsurpassed. From a working farm that provides fresh produce to diabetics and those with food insecurity to membership in the Mayo Clinical Network, Augusta Health is visionary in its commitment to innovative and expert care.

We are proud to offer you that same commitment to excellence in graduate medical education. At Augusta Health, resident physicians will learn from experts in all subspecialities of internal medicine and implement evidence-based medical care while having a mutual mission of compassion, knowledge acquisition, purpose, and scholarship.

Augusta Health Internal Medicine Residency is designed to be a place where our residents learn and thrive with support for individual well-being; where residents explore the breadth of internal medicine and prepare for a future as competent and dedicated physicians. We pledge to provide outstanding medical training while offering you support and fulfillment as you begin your career and calling as a physician. We invite you to discover our program within this webpage, connect with us and introduce yourself, send queries and visit us, so that we may introduce you to all that Augusta Health has to offer future internal medicine physicians.

Jessicah Collins, M.D.

A Message From Our Designated Institutional Official, Mahfuz Hoq, MD, MPH

Greetings from Shenandoah Valley!

My name is Dr. Mahfuz Hoq, Designated Institutional Official for Augusta Health’s Department of Academic Affairs and Internal Medicine Program as well as Augusta Health’s Chief Medical Officer. Thank you for your interest in our Internal Medicine Residency Program.

During our journey to achieve Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accreditation, our team has created and developed processes that will use the science you previously learned to teach you the art of medicine.

For this reason, the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Mission at Augusta Health is to train physicians in the art and science of community-based modern health care. Upon program completion in the rural setting of Augusta Health, our graduates will excel at:

  • Evidence-based patient care and procedural skills with the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Inter-professional, team-based, and collaborative care.
  • Service to the community by promoting health for all and reducing health disparities.
  • Care of the highest value to patients based on quality, safety, resource stewardship, and personal experience embedded into quadruple aim.

If this is the type of experience you are looking to develop as a physician, we encourage you to apply to our residency program via ERAS/NRMP.

S. Mahfuz Hoq, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer
Designated Institutional Official

Program Aims

  • To provide exemplary medical care to our patients with passion and dedication, emphasizing medical education while promoting the health and well-being of our community.
  • To pursue a deep understanding of the science and art of medicine through education, curiosity and patient care.
  • To support faculty development so that resident physicians are mentored by skillful, dedicated teachers and receive excellent formal and bedside instruction.

  • To exhibit professionalism and respect in all our interactions with patients, faculty, staff, and resident physicians.
  • To promote the individual interests and educational needs of each resident physician while caring for the wholeness of each individual trainee and their well-being.
  • To value social justice in the care of the community, by educating about healthcare disparities, population health, and the needs of minority populations. In so, to promote community health to be ambassadors for our patients and for our program, and to be leaders in medicine.

The Augusta Health Internal Medicine Residency program values diversity at all levels. The program recognizes and affirms that diversity contributes richness to the program and enhances the quality of education. In addition to the process of recruiting residents, the program works to ensure that a diverse set of applicants is evaluated and recruited for faculty and program administrative personnel. The program will leverage existing resources and relationships that support efforts and progress around diversity, health equity, and social determinants of health such as feedback provided in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). To further educate the current faculty, faculty development sessions are held to promote an inclusive work environment. 

Hospital and Community

Augusta Health provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care to community members within our service area. For the last 25 years, Augusta Health has expanded from an acute care provider serving a broad rural community to a healthcare system that is redefining the role of a community health system. The expertise of our medical staff has proven to be a model of excellent community care and allowed Augusta Health to advance its promise to build trust and peace of mind within the community.


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