About the Residency Program

1. You are a new program. When are you starting?
We are accepting applications through the NRMP for the March 2024 match. Our first interns will begin July 2024.

2. Will you be having a virtual open house prior to interview season?
Yes, please check back on our website for more information on dates and times.

3. Do we sponsor J1 and H1B visas?

4. Will you take applications from osteopathic medical schools as well as allopathic medical schools?
Absolutely. We welcome both D.O. and M.D. graduates as well as international medical graduates.  

5. What is the call schedule?
Our website will be updated before the interview season with the call schedule and “a day in the life of an intern.”

6. How many residents will be in the program in total, and how many positions does the program plan to offer for this application cycle?
The program will offer 10 internal medicine internship positions in the 2024 Match. In the future, the program intends to grow to 15 internal medicine residents per year. By year 5 of the program, there will a total of 45 residents enrolled in the 3-year program.

About the Application

1. How do I apply to your program?
All applications will be through ERAS and the NRMP.

2. What is the minimal USMLE score?
We have no designated minimal score. We seek to match residents who demonstrate professionalism, eagerness to learn and empathy – many qualities that cannot be measured by a test score.  

3. What is the cutoff for year of graduation?
We have no designated graduation year cutoff as we recognize that pursing research, an advanced degree or additional clinical experience may enrich a candidate’s career path and aptitudes, so we will consider all applications. Depending on experiences, we may have a preference for candidates who have graduated in the past 5 years.

4. What is the minimum number of letters of recommendation required?
We require a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation.

About Interviews

1. Will interviews take place in person or virtual?
All interviews will be virtual. We will offer in-person second looks in January to all applicants who interview.

2. How will the interview day be structured?
Interview days will be half days. When offered an interview, candidates will have the choice to pick an AM interview half day or a PM interview half day. The candidates will interview with the program director and 2 faculty members and will meet the program coordinator.

3. When are the interviews?
The interview days will be late October through early February.

4. What time are the interviews?
The candidates will choose to interview either 8:30 – 11:45AM EST or 1:00 – 4:15PM EST.