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Group of volunteers ready to start work on a damaged house

3 Things Every Family Must Do to Prepare for a Disaster

September 4, 2018

The power goes out during a thunderstorm, or roads are blocked from a winter storm – most of the time these are nothing more than minor inconveniences. But what if your power was out for weeks, or a winter blizzard left you stranded in your home for an unknown amount of time? Whether a natural occurrence, illness, or a manmade threat, a disaster can strike when you least expect it. Being prepared is essential to keep your family safe. This easy 3-step list gives you key actions to prepare your family for a disaster. 1. Prepare to Prepare Before you get started, do some research on what...Continue Reading

Blurred view of a hospital waiting room

7 Things Emergency Room Doctors Want You To Know

August 2, 2018

Going to the Emergency Room is never fun. If your condition isn't life threatening you may have to wait, and waiting is hard, especially if you're not comfortable. To make an ER visit more productive and bearable, here are seven things ER doctors want you to know: We're Working as Fast as We Can Unless your emergency is life threatening, the chances are that you're going to have to take a seat in the waiting area. We understand this is hard to do, especially if you're suffering from a case of food poisoning or the latest respiratory woe. However, while you're waiting, you can be sure...Continue Reading