Emergency Department

What to Expect
  • Upon arrival, a registered triage nurse quickly assesses what treatment you will need.
  • Minor illness or injuries are treated in the Fast Track area by a nurse practitioner under the supervision of a physician.
  • Critically ill or injured patients, or those with life-threatening conditions, are immediately assigned to a treatment room.
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Safe, Secure & Confidential

Rest assured, we will not share your medical information unless authorized to do so. Badge access is required to enter or exit the department. Our staff will escort patients and family members, as needed.

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Designated Support Person(s)

The main role of a support person is to help their loved one heal through support, encouragement and communication during their stay at Augusta Health. Because of the importance of a support person’s role, we believe they are critical members of a patient’s health care team. As a patient, you may identify more than one support person but only of these individuals will be your primary support person. This person has 24-hour access to be with the patient who has selected them. In most cases, support person(s) are chosen because of the trust they have with a patient and his/her ability to assist a patient mentally, emotionally, or physically.

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Be Prepared

To speed along your visit, make sure you can provide the following:

  • All insurance and other medical cards
  • An updated medication list, including over-the-counter products such as vitamins, herbs, diet pills, and smoking cessation medications
  • Medical history including any known allergies
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Quick Stats

Each year our Emergency Department treats more than 60,000 patients.