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Joint Center

The Augusta Health Joint Center staff knows every patient story is different, and that 's why we provide care centered on what the patient needs, from pre-operative services to surgery to post-op care. Working as a dedicated team, we focus on making the patient feel informed, empowered and supported every step of the way.

When it comes to joint replacement, the Joint Center offers significant benefits:

The most up-to-date techniques and technology, from surgery to physical therapy, Augusta Health is constantly working to improve results, and make sure that treatments are geared toward each patient’s needs.

Over a century of Combined surgical experience. Augusta Health surgeons are here for the long term. Our surgeons boast over 100 years of experience in this community. They stay here because at Augusta Health, successful outcomes matter, and patient care is the number one priority. Augusta Health surgeons have trained at some of the top teaching institutions in the country using the most modern techniques available, allowing them to tailor each surgical decision carefully to meet the individual and specific needs of each patient.

A team-based approach that ensures every surgeon, nurse, therapist, and administrator is working together for patients, everyday.

An extremely low complication rate, thanks to surgeons who are meticulous about their technique, and passionate about successful joint replacements.

Deeply individualized treatment plans. Physicians don’t assume a patient wil need a joint replacement, and they do what is reasonable to preserve the natural joint first. But when that’s not possible, joint replacement (full or partial) can be an excellent option. Physicians focus on working with patients on plans that are best for their lifestyles.

The prehab program helped Steve Coffman recover quicker from knee surgery

Stand-Up Services

  • Large, private rooms in a separate wing of the hospital reserved for joint replacement patients only.
  • Group therapy twice a day to create friendly competition and build camaraderie. Part support team, part cheerleading squad, fellow patients are there to help each other.
  • Fully furnished gym on the same level as rooms, with gorgeous valley views that make patients feel inspired.
  • Specialized state-of-the-art activity replicas that focus on daily tasks such as driving, for more effective post-op rehab training.
  • Pain management expertise that ensures patients stay ahead of pain, instead of constantly playing catch-up.
  • Soothing evening environment for maximum rest, and energetic daytime vibe to encourage movement.
  • Training for family members or friends so they can help at-home recovery, creating a more successful outcome that will reduce or eliminate pain and get the patient back to everyday activities.
  • Post-center checkups by phone to ensure recovery is on track.
  • Reunion luncheon three months post-op so patients can give feedback on the program and see the progress of others from the center.​
Staff and surgeons talk about the Augusta Health Joint Center