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Visiting Information

Patient rest times are each morning until 11:00 am, 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm, and after 8:00 pm, or as patient needs indicate.

Valet Service

We want to make visiting the hospital a little easier for patients and visitors, especially when the visit is an emergency and time is critical. Our valets help people into wheelchairs and escort them into the building. We also have greeters in the buildings to help patients and their family find the location they need. Valet service is available at three of our entrances: the Main Entrance, Cancer Center, and Emergency Room.

Location Hours
Main Entrance 7am - 5pm
Cancer Center 7am - 5pm
Emergency Room 11am - 9pm

Tobacco Free Campus

We view the hospital as a role model for a healthy environment within our community and wish to provide a healthier environment for everyone who visits the campus. To maintain a tobacco free environment, we as that you refrain from the use of all tobacco products while on the Augusta Health campus. This includes outpatient facilities, business entities, parking lots, and on sidewalks adjacent to Augusta Health property. Read more about being Tobacco Free and view the Tobacco Free policy.