Pregnancy and Postpartum Pelvic Floor Resources

  • also look for their YouTube channel
  •  Christine Iverson is a PT who also wrote a good book of about the same title on return to exercise/activity following childbirth
  •   (also have an exercise app)
  • Sarah Duvall, PT- has a pregnancy focus, lots of free videos on this site and YouTube
  •  reputable fitness trainer with a postpartum exercise program developed with a PT
  •  Julie is a PT specializing in pelvic floor and athletic populations
  • both print and video blogs.  Lots of info for return to running/high impact. YouTube channel (JulieWiebe), or FemFusion:  “The Diaphragm and our Internal Pressure System”, “Fit Floor part 1,2,3”
  • – pre and postnatal exercise (PT and fitness trainer developed)- Multiple video (150+) exercise routines and pathways (cesarean vs vaginal birth, “normal” activity vs back to running, etc). 5 day free trial
  • Virginia group with resources for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders


  • “Reviving your Sex life After Childbirth” Kathe Wallace, PT
  • “Sex after Baby: Resume intimacy with confidence and ease” Jeanice Mitchell, PT
  • “Come as You Are” Emily Nagoski, PhD
  • “Diastasis Recti: The Whole Body Solution” Katy Bowman, PT
  • “How to Raise Your Children Without Breaking Your Back”. Herman H., Pirie A.  Ibis Publications.  Cambridge MA.  1996
  • “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?” Emma Brockwell, PT

Facebook Groups:

  • Institute for Birth Healing Community
  • Doc & Doula
  • Fitness Return with Pelvic Organ Prolapse  (also
  • Postpartum Recovery & Fitness Return
  • Core 4 Momentum
  • Restore Your core Community