David Reid, PsyD

David Reid

Augusta Medical Group Provider

Augusta Care Partners Member

Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Dr. Reid currently resides in Charlottesville, VA. He loves cooking, hiking, watching the Orioles play baseball, and playing the drums. His most favorite vacation spot is Florence, Italy. He has published two textbooks and several peer reviewed articles and book chapters on clinical hypnosis. Hypnosis is most helpful for managing pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and enhancing performance. He also provides neuropsychological testing for various neurocognitive disorders and conditions. "My mission is to facilitate a better understanding of clinical hypnosis for our community at large based on the evidence-based practice research that supports its utilization for treating pain, anxiety, and depression."

Professional Memberships:
I am the Past President of Division 30 (Psychological Hypnosis) of the American Psychological Association and serve as the Science Editor for the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.