Pricing is one of many factors to consider when choosing health care.

Augusta Health is committed to improving access to information on the price of care, helping you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Things to know

  • Prices don’t reflect final payment to Augusta Health.
  • Patients without insurance will receive a 50% discount at the time of billing, which is not represented in the published pricing information.
  • Most services produce a combination of charges which will vary depending on specific services provided.
  • Pricing information represents hospital services only and does not include any related physician services.

How can I determine what I will have to pay?

  1. Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Your insurance carrier has the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your plan including deductible, copay, and out of pocket maximums. Here are some of the insurance carriers we work with:

2. Use our self-guided estimator

Click HERE to access our pricing information which includes a self-guided estimator tool.

3. Contact the Augusta Health Financial Advocates at 540-332-4600

Although, the best estimate is available through your insurance carrier, we can help to provide a cost estimate.

What options are available if I can’t afford to pay?

  • Augusta Health provides financial assistance to those who qualify. See our financial assistance page for requirements and how to apply.
  • Medicaid Expansion in Virginia provides coverage for more of the population than ever before. Visit to access information related to Medicaid programs available in our state.
  • Augusta Health offers several payment options. Visit our payment programs to review the options.

Pricing Information

  • Click HERE to access pricing information tools.