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Everything your heart needs. The Augusta Health Heart and Vascular Center team of experts offers the advanced diagnostic tools and innovative treatments—and the compassion—you and your family deserve. You can be confident you’ll receive exceptional care, without having to travel far from home. We care for people with a wide variety of heart conditions and diseases, including: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, aneurysm, arrhythmia, chest pain, heart attack.

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Expert care, close to home

Heart problems can be frightening—and even more so when treatment is located far from home. Our nationally accredited Heart and Vascular Center offers heart care in a community setting close to home. We also work with an experienced network of expert heart and vascular specialists should a patient require specialized care. Augusta Health received a National Distinction of Excellence from the American College of Cardiology. Our Heart and Vascular Center is a “HeartCARE Center.” We have the unique distinction of being the FIRST hospital in Virginia to be awarded this apex designation and one of only 55 hospitals recognized nationally for this award. We also have an American Heart Association recognition for stroke. Augusta Health has full Heart Failure Accreditation, and Chest Pain with PCI Accreditation from the American College of Cardiology.

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Heart and Vascular

Our Heart and Vascular Center cardiologists offer a range of services in diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

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Cardiac Intervention

Intervention cardiology is a medical specialty that uses small tubes called catheters to specific conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels. These catheters are threaded through arteries or veins to the heart or other regions in the body by an interventional cardiologist.

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Electrophysiology is the medical specialty focused on the heart’s rhythms. An electrophysiologist is a cardiologist who specializes in the electrical system of the heart. These heart specialists diagnose and treat irregular heart rhythms, called arrhythmias, and cardiac rhythm disorders.

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Cardiac Rehabilitiation

Rehabilitation after a heart attack or heart surgery—or other illness affecting your heart—is an important part of your recovery. Our Heart and Vascular Center’s rehabilitation specialists will work with you to help you regain your health and quality of life.

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Heart Failure Clinic

Our Heart Failure Clinic is designed to treatment people diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The specialists who treat people through the clinic are experts in managing this disease.

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Cardiology and Vascular Surgery

Augusta Health’s Heart and Vascular Center offers its patients exceptionally skilled cardiac and vascular surgeons. They are experienced in a variety of surgical procedures and techniques, offering you the best available care close to your home.

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Our Team

Rachel Binda
Rachel Binda, PA-C

Cardiology, Electrophysiology

Glenn Brammer, MD


Polly Cason, NP


Yulin Chen, PA


Tami Collins
Tami Collins, NP

Heart Failure Clinic

Surjya Das, MD


LeAnn Denlinger, MD


Rodney Graber
Rodney Graber, MD


Lewis Siegel
Lewis Siegel, MD


Dave Varma
Dave Varma, MD