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State-of-the-art Technology

At opening our center will have 2 x-ray units (1 will also perform fluoroscopy exams), 3 US units, 1 CT scanner, and 2 MRI scanners

This won’t hurt a bit!
New 128 slice CT unit

With every scan, you can expect consistent, high-quality images, for visualization of the finer details. The CT unit provides incredible comfort and versatility for all patients. Our CT unit utilizes a tablet-based workflow to ensure technologists have more time to focus on patient needs. From the routine scan to the more complex vascular study, our innovative CT consistently delivers high-quality imaging. Our CT will automate customized doses for each patient – based on size, weight, and anatomy. Low-dose lung CT appointments will be offered!

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New wide bore 3T MRI unit

3T MRI enables faster, more accurate scans to minimize motion artifacts and sedation, and decrease time-to-results. BioMatrix Technology adapts to patient differences, reducing exam variations and rescans while enhancing results. Increased sensitivity enables higher-resolution images, for clearer clinical answers. The MRI has extra space, lightweight coils, and free-breathing sensors deliver phenomenal patient comfort.

Scoliosis specialist Doctor with patients X-Ray
New Diagnostic X-Ray systems

With its advanced digital technology, Ysio provides outstanding image quality. SmartOrtho* features an automated tilting technique for long-leg and full-spine imaging. It acquires up to four images to cover the selected region, automatically determining the number of exposures required and composes them into a single image. This X-ray system is an advanced image enhancement technology that automatically suppresses bones on digital chest X-rays to further increase the clarity of chest X-rays.

Female Radiologist Controls MRI or CT Scan with Female Patient
CT Scanning

Computed Tomography (CT) is a valuable, painless, diagnostic test that allows radiologists to see inside some areas of the body which cannot be seen using conventional x-rays.

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Two MRI radiologists sitting in the control room and operating the MRI scanner
Center Details

The Imaging Center will be open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday. Our address is 23 North Campus Drive Fishersville, VA 22939

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Parking and Check-in

Our facility has plentiful parking, and we will be utilizing a virtual pre-registration and registration tool so you can input your personal information from the comfort of your home for a more efficient check-in process.