Infectious Disease

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About Our Practice

    • Our office is conveniently located in the Medical Office Building on campus
    • Patients are referred by primary care providers and Augusta Health hospitalists
    • We offer one-on-one inpatient and outpatient consultations
    • Inpatient care includes follow-up after patients are released
    • Our infectious disease specialist works closely with the Wound Healing Clinic to treat challenging infections
Doctor testing patient on possible coronavirus infection

Tests are used for diagnosis and to determine the best type of treatment. Common tests include:

  • Physical exams
  • Blood, other bodily fluid, or wound cultures
  • Blood serum analysis (to detect antibodies indicating the type of infection)
  • Hepatitis C testing available
elderly man getting vaccine shot by doctor epidemiologist
  • Medicine: Prescribed to help battle infections and prevent them from returning.
  • Home Care: Patients may be provided with guidelines to continue treatment at home
  • Follow-up Visits: The specialist will check in on the patient’s progress
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Did You Know?

Dr. Allison Baroco, our infectious disease specialist, works closely with the Virginia Department of Health’s local epidemiologist and serves as chair of the hospital’s Infection Control and Prevention Committee. These important roles ensure Augusta Health is equipped to treat and contain flu, Covid-19, and other communicable disease outbreaks in the area.

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Infectious Disease

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Infectious Disease

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