VBS Blood Donor Collections

Augusta Health also has an on-site blood bank. Virginia Blood Services (VSB) is our primary supplier of blood products. Packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, and platelets are routinely stocked. Therapeutic phlebotomies are routinely performed by appointment. The VBS collects autologous and random donors Monday through Friday. You can call (540) 332-4526 or (540) 932-4526 to schedule an appointment.

Homebound Phlebotomist

Monday – Friday
6:30am – 2:00pm
540-649-0302 Cell
540-332-4531 Office

Homebound Phlebotomy services are reserved for those people who cannot leave their homes without help to receive needed medical care and/or require short-term skilled care. The physician must determine the need for this service.

In order to qualify for home phlebotomy,
the following criteria must be met:

  • The patient must be confined to the home (homebound).
  • The physician must order the service.
  • The services must be reasonable and medically necessary to treat the illness or injury.
  • The patient must need skilled nursing care on an intermittent (part time) basis.

What does homebound mean?

You are considered homebound if, because of illness or injury, you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to leave your home, or leaving your home is medically difficult and taxing effort.

You would not be considered homebound if:

  • You drive a car.
  • Go to a day care center or to a relative’s home part of the time.
  • Leave your home against doctor’s orders.
  • Do your shopping or business on a regular basis.
  • Leave the home frequently, and/or for long periods of time, for non-medical reasons.

Our coverage area extends as far north as the Rockingham County line, south as far as the Rockbridge County line, east as far as the Nelson County line, and as far west at Craigsville.

The Homebound Phlebotomist can be reached by pager during the week or you can leave a voice mail anytime at the office number above. Voicemail is frequently checked, even on Fridays and over the weekend.